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Our cages provide long-lasting, safe and comfortable habitats for your bird, monkey, cat, reptile and other mammal friends. You will sleep better tonight knowing your pets are enjoying our premium indoor/outdoor animal cages — and so will they.

New - Malibu 4ft x 4ft x 6ft Hexagon Cage

malibu hexagon stainless steel cage with pitched top alt

The Malibu is our NEWEST stainless steel walk-in animal cage. This elegant hexagon cage offers 62.4 cubic feet of living space for birds, monkeys or other animals.

Available in 11 Gauge HD and 16 Gauge Stainless Steel with Solid Pitched or Flat Powder Coated Metal Roof.


Adam Schoen

"Wow! I’m impressed! We had no clue where to start when looking for an aviary. Dr. Clubb of Rainforest Clinic for Birds recommended Tom from Cagemasters USA, and he did not disappoint. Our aviary is custom fit to our home, but is built in panels to allow for transportation when moving. The aviary also has a removable divider as our two birds do not cohabit well.

Tom & Cagemasters Crew, honestly blown away with the speediness of the install and the quality of your work. I will definitely recommend Cagemasters USA to anyone I know needing a custom-built cage. Thank You!"

Deena, Michael and Maxie Bird

"A quick note to thank the team at Cagemasters USA who were so helpful in designing the outdoor aviary for our moluccan cockatoo Maxi. The suggestion to go with the optional black powder coating really makes my Maxi stand out and helps the aviary blend into the yard. The attention to detail that only a bird person would think of, put this aviary over the top. Your arrangement of perches are beyond anything I could have done myself. All the materials used are outstanding. The entire aviary went together easily. We were thrilled that due to the structure being free standing, it did not require permitting in our City.

There is no way we could have built this ourselves, sourced such perfect materials, or properly designed an aviary this well thought out . This is truly custom work. When we introduced Maxi to the Aviary he had no hesitation about going in. He explored every inch of his new play area. When It came time to bring him inside for the night we had a difficult time getting him to come out with us. That's quite an endorsement! Thank you for making us all so happy."

Tina Spires

"Thank you again, we love this cage. We wish we had ordered it sooner!!!"



  • Zinc free 304 stainless steel welded wire (16 gauge or 11 gauge)
  • 1” anodized aluminum frame
  • Modular construction with 2' x 6' solid panels, wire panels and EZ access door panel
  • No exposed interior bolts or screws to injure your pet
  • Rust resistant — ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Heavy ¼” chew resistant solid plastic panels for indoor wall protection and outdoor weather protection
  • Built-in 5' door with keyed lock
  • Easy to assembly
  • Optional wheels make it easy to move cages for cleaning
  • Optional hanging stainless steel food and water bowls
  • Optional perches of reclaimed hardwood from the Everglades

Made in the USA for years of worry-free comfort and protection.

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Our Story

Tom Johnson, America's CAGEMASTER, has spent over 30 years designing and building custom animal cages and enclosures for private collectors, zoos, research, rescue and breeding facilities.  In that time his company, CAGEMASTERS, has grown to be one of the most respected cage builders in the country. The company's cages are in such high demand new customers have to wait 4-6 months for their custom cages.

CAGEMASTERS customers always share the same complaints about the cages that are on the market today — poor construction quality, unsafe materials and lack of durability. Tom has taken everything he's learned building cages over the last 30+ years and by listening to thousands of bird and exotic pet owners and has designed and is manufacturing modular, safe, easy to assemble indoor/outdoor animal cages in the most commonly requested sizes.

This allows all pet owners to experience the quality of CAGEMASTERS animal cages without the cost and delay of custom design and fabrication. Our new Key West, Palm Beach and Savannah model cages are ready for purchase. You don't have to wait months to get CAGEMASTER quality if one of our stock sizes can work for you.

Below are just a few of the satisfied repeat owners of multiple  cages from CAGEMASTERS.