Meet Tom Johnson — America's CAGEMASTER. Over 30 years ago Tom was the maintenance supervisor for McDonald's Restaurants of Palm Beach County. One day out of the blue the franchise owner informed Tom that he was going into the exotic bird business and asked Tom to join him in this new venture.

Ten years later the facility had grown to over 40 acres and was the largest breeding and research facility in the country with over 4,000 rare species. Over the next several years Tom learned the in's and out's and do's and don'ts of designing and building animal cages and aviaries  for every type of animal.

In 1996 Tom Founded CAGEMASTERS INC and used his knowledge and contacts to grow into one of premier providers of high quality, long-lasting custom animal cages, aviaries and enclosures. Tom has built thousands of cages for private collectors, zoos, research, rescue and breeding facilities as well as commercial animal attractions.

Tom still gets goosebumps watching animals' reactions as they explore their new habitats for the first time.

In late 2021, Tom teamed up with metal fabrication and manufacturing expert Andy Ong and internet ecommerce agency owner Chris Smith to launch CAGEMASTERS USA INC to design,  manufacture and sell online our series of stainless steel indoor/ outdoor walk-in cages. We are proud to announce that our first models incorporating everything that Tom knows about animals and animal cages are now available for purchase.  We invite you to shop our Animal Cages, Aviaries and Bird Cages and Monkey Cages.

Below are just a handful of the satisfied owners of cages from CAGEMASTERS INC.

South Florida Wildlife Center
Mcarthys Animal Santctuary
Cagemasters cages at Lion Country Safari

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