Savannah 4ft x 4ft x 6ft Cage

16 Gauge Stainless Steel


11 Gauge HD Stainless Steel


The Savannah is our largest standard stainless steel walk-in animal cage. 96 cubic feet of living space for birds, monkeys or other animals. Dimensions: 4 ft Deep x 4 ft Wide x 6 ft High. Our standard 6 ft high panel has wire for the top 4 ft and plastic panels for the lower 2 ft.

If you are looking for a larger cage, our custom cages, custom aviaries and custom monkey cages range from 2ft x 6ft x 6ft to 10ft x 20ft x 10 ft or larger. Note that cages over 6 ft high ship motor freight.

Construction Details

  • 304 16 gauge (1/2 in x 1/2 in) or 304 11 Gauge Heavy Duty (1 in x 1 in) stainless steel welded wire
  • 1” anodized aluminum frame
  • Rust resistant and ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Heavy ¼” chew resistant, non-toxic, solid marine grade plastic panels for indoor wall protection and outdoor weather protection
  • Keyed door lock
  • Easy fold out assembly

The Savannah 16 gauge cage weighs 136 pounds. The Savannah 11 gauge cage weighs 150 pounds. Both cages as shown consist of  10 panels:

  • Door Panel (1)
  • Solid Rear Panel (2)
  • Wire Side Panel (5)
  • Roof Panel (2)

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  • Black Powder Coating
  • Full Length Wire Panel (No Plastic)
  • Full Length Plastic Panel (No Wire)
  • Full Length Plexiglass Panel (No Wire or Plastic)
  • Solid Top for Sun and Rain Protection
  • No-tip Food and Water Bowl with Perch
  • Reclaimed Dragon Wood Perches
  • Heavy Duty Low Profile Wheels

11 Gauge Cage Suitable For 

Macaw (1)

Macaw (1-2)

Large Coackatoo (1)

Large Cockatoo (1-2)

cockateil cages

Cockatiels (4-6)

best parrot cages

Parrots (2)

Capuchin cages

Capuchin Monkey – temporary holding night cage (1-2)

ferret cages

Ferret (1-2)

11 & 16 Gauge Cage Suitable For

Lovebirds or equal size (2-6)

Lovebirds or equal size (4-12)

Finches (6-12)

Finches (12-24)

Marmosets (1-2)

Marmosets (2-4)

Sugar Gliders (1-2)

Sugar Gliders (2-4)



best snake cages

Snakes (1-2)

Manufactured in USA