stainless steel monkey cages

Stainless Steel Monkey Cages

Why CAGEMASTERS USA for your walk-in monkey cages?

Unlike wrought iron outdoor cages that start to rust immediately or wood framed cages that tend to rot and mold, our outdoor monkey cages and enclosures are built with aluminum frames and other “non-rusting” materials including stainless steel cage wire that are meant to last for years and years.

We've taken everything we learned from over 30 years of designing and building custom monkey cages and enclosures for private collectors, zoos, research, rescue and breeding facilities and put it all into our line of walk-in, indoor / outdoor monkey cages. Perfect for Capuchins, Guenons, Macaques, Marmosets, Squirrel Monkeys, Spider Monkeys and Tamarins.

All of our animal cages are designed to greatly exceed the minimum cage space  requirements for Non-Human Primates as specified by the Animal Welfare Act; United States Department of Agriculture.

Manufactured in U S A

All Cagemasters USA high quality Monkey cages consist of:

  • Zinc free 304 stainless steel welded wire (16 gauge or 11 gauge)
  • 1” anodized aluminum frame
  • Modular construction with 2' x 6' solid panels, wire panels and EZ access door panel
  • No exposed interior bolts or screws to injure your pet
  • Rust resistant — ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Heavy ¼” chew resistant solid plastic panels for indoor wall protection and outdoor weather protection
  • Built-in 5' door with keyed lock
  • Easy to assembly
  • Optional wheels make it easy to move cages for cleaning
  • Optional hanging stainless steel food and water bowls
  • Optional perches of reclaimed hardwood from the Everglades

Premium Indoor/Outdoor Stainless Steel Walk-in Monkey Cages in Our Most Popular Sizes

16 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire

Heavy Duty 11 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire

Cages are shipped directly to your home or business in 1-2 weeks. Shipping and sales tax are calculated at checkout.

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