What to Look for in a Bird Cage

Your birds’ health and happiness is dependent on its environment and how safe and secure it feels. The personality, size and habits of your birds are important factors when selecting a cage for them. Most pet bird species live from 5 to 25 years and depending on the species even longer.

Your birds’ physical and psychological health depend on cage size, materials, construction and layout. So it only makes sense that you should make your determination of the best cage or aviary for your birds based on these factors.

#1 Cage Size

The simple fact is that bird cages and aviaries cannot be too large.

  • Small flighted birds like finches, canaries, parrotlets, doves and lovebirds need room to fly to and fro.
  • Larger birds need room to flap their wings, perform avian gymnastics and to stretch out.
  • Taller birds need taller cages to accommodate their long feathers and to provide plenty of cage clearance.

Keeping a bird in a cage that is too small can lead to undesirable and unhealthy behaviors such as screaming, biting and even feather plucking. Remember to allow room for the space that you will lose to accommodate perches, food, water and bathing bowls and toys.

People love big houses and so do birds. It is always best to buy the largest cage you possibly can for your birds.

#2 Cage Materials

The best cages are made of stainless steel. While undoubtedly more expensive it is the safest, most-durable, toxic-free and easiest to clean cage material available. Stainless steel cages last a lifetime and don’t stain or rust.

Stainless steel cages offer a sleek modern look and will immediately draw attention to your feathered friends as soon as walk into the room. Pecking and chewing birds will not be able to chew through high quality 304 welded stainless steel.

High quality stainless steel cages can even be used outdoors. Factor in the life expectancy of your birds and a high quality stainless steel cage will provide the best overall cage quality.

Materials to avoid when choosing your bird cage

  • Wrought iron and painted finishes which can be toxic for birds that chew on the cage wire.
  • Galvanized cages which are coated with zinc can also be toxic for you pet birds.

#3 Mobility and Access

You will have to move and clean your bird cage on a regular basis. Your feathered friends may also benefit from being located in a protected outdoor space when the weather permits. For these reasons you should look for cages that offer high quality wheels as an option.

If your budget can afford it, a taller “walk-in” bird cage or aviary will make it easy for you to enter your birds habitat for cleaning, feeding, watering and even socializing. Birds are naturally tree dwellers, so they feel safer up high and see what’s going on around them.

#4 Quality and Craftsmanship

A properly designed and constructed birdcage will provide you and your pet birds with many years of use and enjoyment. Your cage or aviary should be sturdy and solid. There should be no loose parts or sharp edges. There should be no exposed interior bolts or screws which can cause injuries as well.

If your cage is large enough to require assembly, it should be easy to assemble.

#5 Furniture and Accessories

Your bird cage should contain at least one food bowl and two water bowls – one for drinking and one for splashing and bathing. The ideal bowls are wide and shallow and made of a safe material, preferably stainless steel.

Your cage should also contain multiple perches made of natural wood with no harmful preservatives. Aged or reclaimed hardwood branches offer more variety and options for climbing and perching than simple wooden dowels.

CAGEMASTERS USA is your Best Choice for your Pet Birds’ Cage

Our bird cages come in three sizes:

  • The Key West – 2′ x 2′ x 6′ (24 cubic feet)
  • The Palm Beach – 2′ x 4′ x 6′ (48 cubic feet)
  • The Savannah – 4′ x 4′ x 6′ (96 cubic feet)

Our bird cages are made to last:

  • Zinc free 304 stainless steel welded wire (16 gauge or 11 gauge)
  • 1” anodized aluminum frame
  • Modular construction with 2′ x 6′ solid panels, wire panels and EZ access door panel
  • No exposed interior bolts or screws to injure your pet
  • Easy to assembly

Our bird cages are mobile and accessible:

  • Built-in EZ access 5′ door panel with keyed lock
  • We offer optional heavy duty low profile wheels to make it easy to move your cage for cleaning or relocating to another room or outdoor space

Our bird cages use the highest quality materials:

  • Rust resistant — ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Heavy ¼” chew resistant solid plastic panels for indoor wall protection and outdoor weather protection
  • Made in the USA in our West Palm Beach, FL manufacturing facility

We offer the highest quality accessories for your pet birds:

  • Stainless steel food and water bowls in 10 and 30 ounce sizes
  • Cage perches made from reclaimed wood from the everglades

Watch this short video to learn more about bird cages and aviaries from CAGEMASTERS USA.